The Skinny Cow, Richmond Ice Cream’s low-fat ice cream brand, is being thrown out to the wider market for the first time from next month.
The brand has been available exclusively in Asda since January where, according to Richmond, it has become the retailer’s number one healthy ice cream brand. Now the company expects the fat-busting offering to be available in all major multiples next month.
A new 115ml Cookies ‘n’ Cream tub will join the portfolio
at the same time, to add to the line-up of Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Chocolate Fudge and Very Berry Flavoured ice cream sticks, all containing less than 100 calories. Richmond also plans to inject £1.8m into marketing and testing the brand over the next three years and estimates the brand will be worth £15m by 2007.
The brand is the biggest healthy ice cream in Canada in under a year, and is worth more than $124m in the US where it was developed in 1992.
Matthew Wilson, Richmond’s category marketing manager, said: “The Skinny Cow exceeds all expectations for what a low fat product should taste and look like.”