Douwe Egberts is taking on Nescafé in the speciality coffee sector by bringing out the first low-calorie version of instant cappuccino, latte and mocha - aimed at consumers who want to recreate the café experience at home without putting on the pounds.
The range is being sold under a Skinny label, a term used in cafés, which brand manager Simon Colthorpe said was more trendy and less condescending than a diet label.
Skinny Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha come in 200g bags with an rsp of £1.99 and have an average of 37 cals for Mocha and 35 cals for Cappuccino and Latte.
Colthorpe said Skinny was being launched on the back of continuing decline of traditional instant and growth in speciality instant, which is up 45% in value [ACNielsen, MAT January 1, 2005].
“It’s a really good opportunity for latching on to two growing trends - recreating café culture at home and the move towards healthier lifestyles,” he said.
Colthorpe said there was a switch in consumer preference towards drinking more sophisticated coffee at home, while not wanting to worry about the waistline.
The range will benefit from a £3m advertising campaign for Douwe Egberts over the next 12 months, which is likely to include TV ads.
“Douwe Egberts has not had much above-the-line support but the focus is changing, so expect to hear more about the brand,” said Colthorpe.
Claire Hu