Competition in the single shot market is hotting up with the introduction of a new range from GBL International. Bulmers had the sector to itself when it brought out the innovative Sidekick collection at the beginning of last year but GBL is now challenging its position. It has laid down the gauntlet with a Slammas extension to its VK Vodka brand. The range differentiates itself from Sidekick by being presented in single serve 30ml shot glasses which consumers can keep. The Sidekick container is plastic. Chief executive Steve Perez said: "The shot market is worth £35m and is growing at 56% a year, so the demand for shooter products is huge. Our research showed consumers wanted a variety of flavours that are easy to drink in a shot out of a real glass, so we came up with these." VK Slammas are 22% abv and are available in four flavours ­ Apple, Lemon, Orange and Pear. {{DRINKS }}