Slim-Fast has caved into pressure from the popularity of the Atkins diet by launching a low-carb sub-brand.
The new diet range, branded Low Cal Low Carb Diet, rolls out in January and compromises tomato & vegetable soup (rsp: £1.39 for 500g); shakes in chocolate and strawberry flavours (£1.39 for 325g); and four snack bars - Chocolate & Hazelnut, Banana Crunch, Apple & Cranberry and Strawberry - to retail at £4.49 for five 27g bars.
The launch will be supported with a £2.2m marketing spend to include a poster campaign and ads in women’s magazines.
In the US, the Slim-Fast brand has suffered in the low-carb climate, but in the UK, where it is worth £35m, low carbs have yet to make such an impact.
Simon Barnett, category manager at Unilever UK Foods, said: “Currently over 31% of the UK population is trying to slim at any one time and one in five people in the UK are watching their carb intake. The new Low Cal Low Carb Diet range recognises this new trend.”