PepsiCo has overhauled the packaging of its Snack-a-Jacks brand for the second time in less than a year and added new variants for the bikini season.

The new look packs emphasise the low-fat content of Snack-a-Jacks with a bolder on-pack message.

Bigger product shots of the rice cakes have been introduced and the individual flavours have been more clearly marked to make it easier for consumers to navigate the fixture, said Jenny Watson, marketing manager of the PepsiCo-owned brand.

Berry flavour and sweet chilli variants are also joining the line-up.

Retailers are rolling out the new-look packs now, just under a year after Snack-a-Jacks were redesigned in order to flag up their wholegrain credentials.

"Snack-a-Jacks is perfect for consumers who are concerned with health but still enjoy to snack," said Watson.