Exclusive Sheila Eggleston The McVitie's Cake Company has strengthened its partnership with Mars with the launch of its latest impulse line. McVitie's individually wrapped chocolate fudge brownie, covered in milk chocolate and topped with M&M's minis, will be available from October 2 (rsp 69p) aimed at 18-35 year olds. Director Garry Biggs said: "A key strategy of our growth is to continue to develop the snack cake market. Our M&M's chocolate fudge brownie is aimed at the eat now' category ­ for people who eat on the move, who want a snack on the move. "We've already developed a strong presence here which has grown with muffins and flapjacks. We shall sell these individually because they are for eating now ­ a good impulse purchase." The company will support the launch with PoS. It will also capitalise on the massive marketing muscle behind the Mars M&M's brand. This is the third tie up with Mars. McVitie's already produces Galaxy and Milky Way cake bars. {{P&P }}