Golden Wonder is stepping up its battle against rival Walkers by offering consumers more crisps for the same price as part of a £1m relaunch in England.
The snack maker is aiming to bite a hole in Walkers’ dominant share of the market by introducing the 33% extra free offer across three key flavours.
It is the latest phase of Golden Wonder’s bid to once again become a major player in the standard crisps market.
It claims that similar relaunches in Scotland and Northern Ireland, which coincided with last September’s packaging makeover and advertising, have increased sales by as much as 27.4%.
However, the company still has work to do with The Grocer’s last annual Top Products Survey (December 13 2003) showing that sales of Golden Wonder’s core range plummeted by almost 10% to £25m in the year to October 4.
Kicking off next week, the extra crisps promotion will run across the brand’s ready salted, cheese & onion and salt & vinegar variants.
A £1m London-based support programme will include radio advertising, sponsorship of Capital Gold’s Sportstime programme and sampling at major sporting events including at Premiership football matches.
Golden Wonder also aims to persuade retailers to take a chance on the relaunch by supplying stock in outers of 24 rather than the usual 48. Trade marketing controller Kevin Smith said: “Demand for Golden Wonder crisps in Scotland and Northern Ireland prove consumers want an alternative to the market-leader.”