Just in case salted fish eggs were not stomach-churning enough to constitute a 'delicacy' for more upmarket readers, Harrods has come up with just the thing - at a handsome price, naturally.

As of 30 June, snail caviar will be on the menu at the Knightsbridge emporium, with Chairman Mo rubbing his hands in glee as punters shell out £65 for 30g of the De Jaeger produce.

According to Harrods, snail eggs are "reminiscent of a walk in the forest after the rain" and offer "hints of oak leaves and moss", which is presumably meant to be a good thing.

Although snails are hermaphroditic and can therefore all churn out the caviar without falling foul of sexual discrimination law, they don't breed any faster than they move the rest of the time - indeed, it would take 260 snails a whole year to produce a kilo of caviar. If demand rockets, a snail army of egg-layers will need to be employed.

For those too impatient to wait, Bogof will happily provide budget-conscious readers eager for that 'hint of moss' experience with as much soggy bark as they want for the bargain-basement price of just £30 a kilo.