Sir; I read with interest your overview of the Grocer 33 (The Grocer, June 1, pp28-9) and look forward to the reinvented Grocer 33. Your comments with regard to Ariel Automatic washing powder were very one sided, considering that all the washing detergents in the soap box variety have had their pack size and actual weight of the product reduced. You also stated that with these detergents the price has stayed the same, if not increased. Can I express that, as a shop manager, many customers have commented on this, and as a retailer it is down to us to explain to the customer both old and new that although the size has "shrunk" you still get the same amount of washes per box. I was disappointed that this was not hailed a successful move by the manufacturer towards being "environmentally friendly". As always, whenever something good is done by the industry, it gets hidden in the smokescreen of bad press. This time it's well done all round in the soap industry. Steve Howsam By e-mail {{LETTERS }}