SmithKline Beecham has become embroiled in a battle with the Advertising Standards Authority over its decision to uphold complaints made against the company's Ribena Tooth Kind advertising campaign. The ASA has asked the consumer products giant to make changes to the adverts, which, it asserts, make "misleading" claims regarding the product's contribution to dental health. But SB is now seeking a judicial review in order to quash the ASA's ruling. Trading Standards has also joined the dispute, with its Hounslow branch insisting it remains so convinced by the "weight of scientific data" behind SB's claim that it will not ask the company to remove its claims from the packaging in spite of the ASA ruling. The controversial poster ad features bottles of Ribena Tooth Kind acting as bristles on a toothbrush, with the corresponding slogan: There is only one soft drink accredited by the British Dental Association'. The trade press ads carry the statement: Ribena Tooth Kind does not encourage tooth decay.' While SB, which also specialises in dental health care products, had evidently done its homework, the ASA felt the latter asssertion was "misleading". According to the report, the claim cannot be substantiated as an absolute claim, but only in comparison to other soft drinks. Similarly, said the ASA, the toothbrush illustration wrongly implied the product actively benefited oral health. Sales of the drink topped £30m last year. {{NEWS }}