Irn-Bru has unveiled the first in a series of limited-edition pack designs to mark its sponsorship of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The cans will focus on the sporting heritage of the 112-year-old brand, with the first rolling out in March featuring highland athlete Adam Brown, who appeared on the first Irn-Bru labels in 1901. The image will appear on 330ml cans of regular and sugar-free, on standard and 49p price-marked packs.

Brand owner AG Barr has produced PoS material including wobblers and A4 posters, plus A2 posters and standees for cash and carry depots.

“Interest in the 2014 Commonwealth Games is already extremely high, particularly after the success of London 2012, and this is a chance for retailers to play their part in the build-up to an event anticipated to attract one million spectators and a global TV audience of 1.5 billion, said AG Barr marketing head Adrian Troy.

“We know shoppers love special packs from Irn-Bru - in 2009 we sold four million special-edition Heritage cans in just eight weeks,” he added.