Supermarkets have been clearing shelves of energy shots and a number of big brands have stopped selling the products in the UK, The Grocer can reveal.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Red Bull and Cott Beverages have all culled energy shots in recent months. Having dumped Relentless shots last year, CCE stopped making Monster Energy shots this autumn after sales of the 90ml line failed to take off. “Energy shots have not driven the energy sector as strongly as in the US - British customers trend towards larger packs so we have decided to focus solely on Relentless and Monster 500ml,” said Stuart Agates, head of energy at CCE.

Other notable departures include Emerge shots, which Cott Beverages stopped making in October, and Red Bull Sugarfree shots, which were withdrawn this month.

Red Bull admitted the line had had limited appeal. “Our Red Bull energy shot only has 27 calories per 60ml, so there is no clear consumer need for a sugar-free variant,” said Doug Bairner, head of category marketing.

Red Bull’s standard shot and GlaxoSmithKline’s Lucozade Alert Plus were delisted from Tesco superstores earlier this year. However, both have retained listings at Tesco Express and GSK and Red Bull remain confident shots have a future in smaller stores.

“It’s an impulse-driven category, which makes it more suited to smaller stores, and when sited at key impulse locations, we see a huge uplift in sales,” said Bairner.