Chile has set its sights on becoming a more significant blueberry supplier to the UK. Production has increased by 100% over the last two years to 1,600 hectares. International export sales have topped $24m. But longer term, with new plantations still coming into bearing, the current 5,500 tonne crop could at least double in a heavy yield year. At present Chile accounts for some 4% of world trade, but this could reach 10% in the next five years, although other South American countries as well as Argentina and Australia are similarly looking for expansion. - Lorenzo Cabellero Urzua, director of the country's plant health organisation, is confident the limited outbreak of fruit fly will be controlled by November, before deciduous exports gets under way. While this does not affect shipments to Europe, a ban from the United States, Chile's largest market, could mean more fruit would be shipped here. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}