Manzanilla producer Barbadillo has replaced the traditional livery of its Solear sherry-style wine brand in a bid to attract new consumers. A new bottle and label are aimed at highlighting the light, dry and fresh character of the wine and set it apart from sherry, which the company claims is still unfashionable. The company said the revamped packaging would also help it break away from the other dark and sweet wines typically associated with the San Lúcar de Barrameda region where it is made. The repositioning revolves around a new green bottle with cleaner labelling, which emphasises the dryness of the wine. A back-label-style description appears on the front to tempt browsing customers to lift the bottle off shelf and try it at home. Barbadillo's UK brand manager, Ben Campbell-Johnston, said: "The new presentation is unambiguous in its message. "This is a light, dry style of wine that should be served chilled and can be drunk with food. "Not only does it seek to stand out amongst its peers in the Jerez and Manzanilla category, but would not look out of place alongside any premium white table wine. "More importantly, the palate affirms the impressions of the new packaging as it is fresh and zesty with the quintessential Manzanilla tang. "The combined effect portrays Manzanilla in a modern light and aims to attract a new audience to a relatively unknown yet truly classic wine." {{DRINKS }}