rolls to your door The merger earlier this year of the van sales operations of Pork Farm Bowyers and Kerry Foods has created a new force in the market ­ and one that can deliver lunchbox solutions to the smallest store. Kerry Foods Direct to Store operates 475 vans from 33 depots distributing products such as Wall's sausages and bacon and Pork Farms pies and pasties to 17,000 stores. Müller yogurts, Sunny Delight juices, Millers, Mattesons and WeightWatcher sandwiches, Mattesons cooked meats, Richmond sausages and Kerrymaid cheeses are also part of the portfolio. The deal that created Direct to Store also helped Pork Farms' parent company Northern Foods cut costs and combine the strength of its Pork Farms brand with Kerry's distribution network. Kerry Foods is now the exclusive distributor of Pork Farms products. Direct to Store sales and marketing director Paul Stubbins says: "The merger has worked well and the disruption to the trade was non-existent." Stubbins says business is driven by sandwich sales totalling £40m a year. "Our sandwiches continue from strength to strength and we have built on that by launching three new lines of Heinz Sandwiches." Direct to Store is focusing on convenience trading and "grab and go" purchases for the lunchbox market. Pork Farms marketing director, Gary Johnston, says the company extended distribution through the merger. As a result, store penetration has trebled. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}