Tomatoes rose by 5-9p across the board, and there was a hefty 8-9p price hike on Birds Eye cod fish fingers in Tesco and both Sainsbury stores. Added to this, orange juice was up 10p and 5p in Waitrose and Safeway respectively. Thankfully, there were some deals to take the sting out of the final bills such as Asda's 60p off Stella Artois. There were also low prices on bacon and cheaper home-grown apples. Sainsbury, Kimberley, was offering 18p off English Cox, but Tesco had the best Cox apple buy at 29p/454g. Other deals included 400g McVitie's chocolate Homewheat which came with a free 300g pack of Hobnobs at Sainsbury, Kimberley. At Tesco, all the sausages ­ some 60 packs ­ were marked down to 74p because they had reached their sell by date. Our Scottish shopper was amazed at the 72p difference between Scottish and Danish bacon at Safeway. This came to light when our shopper picked up the wrong 200g pack thinking it was Scottish at £1.73, only to find it was Danish at £2.45. Our shopper was refunded and then charged for the Scottish pack. Out of stocks were less of a problem this week with just three stores failing to check in full baskets. Of the remaining five, Asda had the cheapest full basket at £38.63. {{GROCER 33 }}