Somerfield was the only chain to check in a full basket this week at a cost of £42.02. The only downside at the Stretford store was the price of loose potatoes which continues to baffle our shopper, and makes one wonder if shelf edges are ever changed. Past discrepancies made our shopper double check the shelf edge which stated 22p/454g, but at the checkout the price was 5p less. Other stores were hit by late deliveries. Cheese at the Nottingham Co-op was not arriving until the following morning, however our shopper was lucky with the bacon which had just arrived. Sainsbury fared worse on the out of stock front having no sausages, frozen chicken and Persil Tablets. Two pricing errors occurred here. Bacon was overcharged by £1.01. Potatoes went through the checkout at 72p/454g instead of 17p/454g. However, refunds were given. Pumpkin went back on our shopping list to check out any better bargains just before Hallowe'en. This time Waitrose and the Co-op had the best buy for a small pumpkin at 74p. At the latter there was a good selection of spooky partyware. Asda, Duffryn, also had a good Hallowe'en display. As a general incentive, this store was also offering a coupon with receipts and, once six were collected, these would be exchanged for a £5 voucher. {{GROCER 33 }}