Somerfield appears to have taken our criticism to heart on the lack of information about prices and promotions. At Wallsend there were shelf-edge cards galore, indicating bogofs and deals. The store had the best buy on apples at 34p/454g and a good offer on Penguin eight-packs at 35p. Generally, out of stocks were in abundance, but particularly at Waitrose and Tesco, which had four apiece. Stocks at Sainsbury were being run low in preparation for a refurbishment this week, and the only out of stock at Asda, Robroyston, was milk which had not been delivered. Shopping at Safeway was spoilt by cluttered aisles and by two of the weighing/pricing machines being out of order. A third was accessible only by clambering over potato sacks. Many of Morrisons' specials related to our list, such as two Diet Cokes for £2 and bogofs on pasta. The store offered 14p off the latest Andrex variant, impregnated with aloe vera. But our shopper took five minutes to find our pack of bacon among the hundreds piled on shelves. Asda, Havant, had the cheapest full basket at £37.59 thanks to low prices on McVitie's chocolate Homewheat, Hovis wholemeal, and bacon at 99p. To mark Bramley Apple Pie Week we added the fruit to our list. The best price was 49p at Asda, Somerfield and Tesco. {{GROCER 33 }}