Somerfield came up trumps this week, with both its stores providing full baskets along with Asda, which yielded the cheapest. Somerfield's Cramlington store was "easy to shop" and the fruit and veg area impressed. In Glasgow, noted as clean and tidy, an overcharge on Stella Artois at the till was immediately rectified with a 64p refund at customer services. Asda in Cornwall beat both stores on price, but the fruit and veg area was described as "a mess" with stacking trolleys in the way. There was no sign of a packer. Roadworks outside Tesco's in Nottingham led to a 15-minute wait to get to the store. Once there a freezer breakdown led to frozen goods being hauled from a back-up system via friendly and helpful staff. Hardys wine had been out of stock for two days. Sainsbury in Salford has had a revamp and has increased sales space aimed at the "drop by" shoppers who work in central Manchester. Safeway in Lewes was well merchandised and came up with the best price for eggs at 44p and orange juice at 41p. Morrisons in Norwich was bursting with end of the month shoppers and too few tills. At Sainsbury in Cardiff a broken down freezer and "manky" fruit and veg didn't impress our shopper. Onions, Anchor and Hardys went through at lower prices than those marked on-shelf. {{INSIGHT }}