Somerfield is relaunching its own label wine range to include more guidance for consumers.
New designs, which will be rolled out across 180 products, feature better use of back labels to guide shoppers, as well as colour-coded stickers to show the wines' origins.
Stickers will also highlight the fact that a wine has been personally selected by the firm's wine buyer, Angela Mount.
Mount said: "The Somerfield range of own label wines performs consistently well in wine tastings and competitions, and we focus enormous attention on obtaining the best possible wine at each relevant price point. I felt, however, that the packaging of the range needed a cohesive approach to help consumers recognise the Somerfield own label wines and persuade them to experiment within the range and trade up."
Aside from their look, the wines have also been divided by weight. Generic, everyday drinking wines are slightly lighter in weight than classic regional wines or varietals.
In contrast, premium wines have been bottled in a heavier weight glass and are given a split label.
The level of information given on the back label is also altered depending on the quality of the wine.