Slashing the price of many fresh produce lines by half has paid dividends for Somerfield, the store says.

Last week, the multiple launched a back-to-school promotion that halved the price of 16 standard fruit and vegetable lines, from mandarins to Charlotte potatoes and tomatoes.

It pitched the promotion at parents with the message: "Get the kids off to a healthy start with Somerfield's latest half price bonanza" . It tied it in with the government's 5-a-day message.

A spokesman said: "We've had some fantastic feedback with customers being really pleased with all the offers, especially as more than 20 lines are available for less than 99p. Many lines have doubled in volume and we've seen volume uplift in our core lines. With support from our suppliers availability has been at 100%. Many stores have created great displays, some even outside, to attract customers to buy more fresh produce."