Procter & Gamble is rebranding its controversial juice drink Sunny Delight under its nickname Sunny D and clarifying the product's juice, sugar and vitamin C content on pack. Marketing will include TV ads scheduled for the summer.
A new Lemon and Lime variant replaces Apple and Kiwi flavour next week.

bright idea
Duracell is rolling out a new colour coding system across its battery range to help consumers find the products they need more quickly.
The initiative, which will cover all of Europe, will be supported by new fixtures and packaging as well as posters and TV advertising.

A Light variant has joined Orchard Maid's innovative yogurt drink range.
The Mango and Passionfruit flavour will sport the same revolutionary LifeTop straw which can turn standard dairy or fruit drinks into functional products.
First launched last year on Orchard Maid's three standard products, the straw releases bacteria when the liquid is sucked through it.

ASA raps alpro
The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against Alpro after the dairy free producer claimed to be "the UK's biggest selling dairy free alternative to fresh milk" in a
pre-Christmas trade press ad.
It ruled that So Good International, which made the complaint, had outsold Alpro throughout most of 2001 and 2002, although this reversed in the first weeks of 2003.
The ASA said it was "concerned" the claim was based on projected figures and told Alpro not to use similar claims without timely documentary evidence.