?"This Water, which arrives in the summer, is a unique brand but shares some core attributes with Innocent, such as a commitment to purity, whereas Innocent has a conversational tone. This Water is slightly more mature and pithy - a bit like an older brother. It arrives this summer."

Richard Reed marketing director, Innocent

?"In the current climate, everyone is health-conscious and Jamie Oliver has done wonders to create an environment where parents are watching what their children eat. Parents like products to have natural sugars for their kids. Our flavoured waters have less than one teaspoon per serving, compared with seven teaspoons in other carbonated drinks. Everyone likes to treat their children but we provide an option with a healthier sugar content. "

Catherine Morris trade controller, Nestlé Waters

?"Health is a major watchword in the kids' soft drinks category and our range was developed to respond to this continuing consumer demand."

Claire Witt brand manager, Panda Spring

?"Drench was originally launched to target the youth market but we found it appealed to more people. The redesign, which will be launched later this year, aims to appeal to a wider market.

Andrew Richards sales director, Britvic

?"We are moving more towards the European market. The retailers will be reducing their SKU count and secondary suppliers will have to review their portfolio to decide which of their products they really want to back."

Jon Cummings soft drinks buyer, Asda