"People are consuming fruit as a dessert in a bid to eat their 5-a-day and our sauces, which are growing by 12% year-to-year, add interest. Meanwhile, retailers are also devoting more space to dessert sauces. Trends to look out for in the future include merchandising by meal occasions as opposed to product category, with more free-standing space adjacent to fresh fruit, chilled desserts and ice cream."

Michael Adamantos

Sales manager, The English Provender Company

"We believe that innovation and investment are essential to maintaining a vibrant and exciting category, as well as to attracting new consumers. By educating consumers about the versatility of the category we can also increase consumption."

Mike Miller

Colman's business operations manager

"Retailers are now beginning to stock products that have relevance throughout the year. Consumers visit Nando's restaurants all year round and want to create the same taste at home. Asda is perhaps the best example of responding to consumer demand by stocking five of our peri-peri marinades and three sauces all year round."

Ben Johnson

Marketing director for The Grocery Company

"Recent growth within the market has been fuelled by spicy and chilli flavours, with more consumers looking to spice up everyday foods, including burgers, chips and sausages."

Sascha Taylor

Senior product manager, G Costa