Crosse & Blackwell Best of British has become the first fmcg brand to sign up to the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Back British Farming Charter.

The brand’s pledge to support the online Charter, which is at the centre of the NFU’s Back British Farming campaign calling on the government and food industry to back British farming by promoting, selling and serving home grown produce, follows several of the major supermarkets signing up to support the initiative, including The Co-operative, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons and Waitrose.

“British farmers deliver fantastic quality produce which we’re proud to include in our range,” said Crosse & Blackwell marketing director Chris Wright.

“All of our Best of British soups are made with ingredients sourced from all across Britain and we’ve invested almost £3m in TV and in-store marketing campaigns - which feature real British farmers - to promote them to shoppers,” he said.

According to the NFU, a decline in self-sufficiency means that the UK now produces just 60% of its own food – a trend the organisation and its 55,000 members want to reverse to ensure that farmers can produce “enough food for the needs of generations to come”.

“I would urge others within the food chain to follow Crosse & Blackwell’s lead,” said NFU President Meurig Raymond.

“Supporting the Charter will ensure positive steps are made towards decreasing the volatility within the market and reversing the negative trend in self-sufficiency. Achieving this will ultimately benefit all stages of the supply chain.”