John Allaway
Commercial director, Alpro
Sir; It was fantastic to see such a healthy Focus on Functional Foods feature (The Grocer, 27 May, pp43-50), but we found it surprising that it failed to mention the driving force behind much of the growth in the sector - soya. As the UK&'s leading producer of dairy-free alternatives, we at Alpro know that demand for our soya milks, yoghurts and desserts continues to grow. Indeed, more than 2.5 million households are now buying Alpro soya products, putting soya in the functional food mainstream (TNS Worldpanel 52 weeks to 26 January 2006).

Be it Omega-3, where one and a half glasses of our dairy-free alternative to milk ­provides the daily requirement, or cholesterol lowering, for which a Joint Health Claims Initiative-approved endorsement appears on most of the Alpro soya range, soya has a strong claim to be at the centre of any focus on the functional food sector.