SPAM, the spiced ham made by Hormel Foods, went to court yesterday to prevent a company from calling its email filtering product ‘Spambuster’.

The judge ruled however, that Hormel should not be allowed to prevent the company, Antilles Landscape Investments NV, from
using the word ‘spam’ in its email filtering software programme.

SPAM, which has been produced by Hormel since the 1930s, has seen its sales rise by 10% a year in the UK and British sales are now worth £13.3m. The product is also popular in the island of Guam, where residents eat an average of 16 cans a year each.

Hormel said it did not object to the use of the word to describe junk mail “although we do object to the use of the word spam as a trademark and to the use of our product image in association with that term,” reported the Guardian.