Support behind the Mexican beer Sol is being beefed up. Last year its owner Moctezuma and Cuauhtemoc Imports and UK distributor Ubevco spent £500,000 on the brand.This year the figure is £1m and the Mexican company has pledged to maintain this level in the future. A £400,000 press advertising campaign in style magazines begins in May and will run until September. There are three new versions of the ad, all linking the brand to well known fashion images. The rest of the cash will go on below the line activity particularly in the on-trade. The take home sector will benefit from a series of packaging initiatives including six for four deals in Sainsbury and Safeway and a new 12 pack for cash and carries. Ubevco is also working on 12 for eight deals and an offer of two four packs for £6. Also in the pipeline is a 24 pack for £14.99 in Asda. The four pack retails at £3.99. Moctezuma's marketing and commercial manager Daniel Cuellar said: "The premium packaged lager market is in decline but our sales are growing at 6% year on year and we are expecting that to increase this year. "The brand has been targeting a new generation of young adult drinkers who are experiencing the brand for the first time. "This investment in advertising and packaging will ensure exposure to this key target audience." {{DRINKS }}