An ambitious scheme to get spirits on open shelves in c-stores is being launched by the wholesale industry.
The Federation of Wholesale Distributors’ Blueprint for Spirits and Fortified Wines aims to revolutionise the independent retail sector by promoting anti-theft security caps.
Alan Toft, Blueprint’s chairman, said PLOD (Putting Leaders on Display) would “increase high value bottle sales but remind the retailer that the police will finger thieves”. Referring to the UK tradition of displaying spirits behind the counter, he said: “It is the biggest block on sales in the local market - it’s a throwback we
must change.” However, Edwin Booth, chairman of Booth’s supermarkets, said that the company was generally averse to devices as customers found them offputting.
He said: “We do think spirits should be available on shelf but we found these caps weren’t very well accepted by customers. We tend to use extra CCTV coverage for these aisles, which are also strongly policed.”
Booth accepted that in areas with high rates of crime, stores may find the caps beneficial.