Tia Maria, Lamb’s Navy Rum and Malibu will all be appearing in freezer cabinets later this month with the launch of a range of liqueur ice creams.
Manufactured by luxury ice cream maker Langage Farm, the range comprises Tia Maria with Amaretti biscuits, Lamb’s Navy Rum & Raisin and Malibu with Pineapple & Coconut.
The 500ml tubs (rsp: £3.49), which will be available from July 19, will be positioned as indulgent, adult luxury ice
creams and made using Channel Island whole milk and double cream.
The alcohol brands will be added to give the products their premium image.
Langage Farm’s national sales manager, Tim Donovan, said the use of the Allied Domecq alcohol brands would create a point of difference and add value and interest to the ice cream category.
“The universal appeal of the high profile alcohol brands will provide a reassurance of quality and taste acceptability and will ensure instant consumer awareness,” he added.