>>co-op, clifton, Nottingham

Date of shop: 30.09.05
Time of shop: 12.09.
Time taken in store: 59mins Time taken at checkout: 6 mins
Number of items: 32
Not sold: Kingsmill sliced white bread
Price paid for 32 products: £42.15Our shopper at this Co-op store in Clifton, Nottingham described her visit as a pleasant shopping experience.
She described the store as exceptionally clean and tidy, adding that all aisles were free from obstructive shelf stacking activity.
Our shopper also said that the store’s first-rate merchandising and signposting made it easy to find all the products that she needed with the minimum of hassle.
The store provided 32 items on our list, as it does not stock Kingsmill bread.
However, she added that there was a wide range of other bread brands on offer, as well as a mouthwatering in-store bakery.
She described all members of staff as friendly and helpful.
At the checkout, only three out of the seven tills were open. Although our shopper did not have long to wait at all to go through, she said that quite a queue of customers started to build up behind her.