Budgens, Bidford-on-Avon

Time taken in store: 41mins Time taken at checkout: 5 mins

Number of items: 30

Out of stocks: six packs of white rolls.

Not sold: McCain Smiles or white grapefruit

Price paid for 30 products: £41.16Our mystery shopper had a near-perfect shopping experience at this Budgens store in Bidford-on-Avon.

Customer service scored highly, with our shopper describing all staff as particularly helpful, and friendly to boot.

In addition, the store was clean and well-presented, with all aisles clear of obstructions and packing trolleys.

Our shopper also praised the store’s merchandising, which made it easy for him to locate the products on his list.

Only one checkout of a possible five was open, but our shopper said that this was sufficient for the volume of customers in the store - and he spent no time queuing.

The assistant chatted to our shopper while scanning his goods, although he was not offered help with packing them.

He spotted deals on pre-packed baking potatoes, Ginsters Cornish pasties, Radox Herbal bath, and Nestlé Shreddies.