Budgens chessington, surrey

Time taken in store: 38mins Time taken at checkout: 4mins

Number of items: 29

Out of stocks: Loose broccoli.

Not sold: Loose new potatoes, Peperami 5-pack, own label mushy peas, breaded cod.

Price paid for 29 products: £39.79Our mystery shopper was pleasantly surprised by her shopping experience at this small Budgens in Chessington, Surrey.

She said that she found the store warm and welcoming, and was impressed by how well presented the fruit and vegetable section was, despite being out of stock of a few items.

The aisles were well signposted, and an absence of shelf stackers and packing trolleys made navigating around the store easy.

She did have a little trouble finding the cheapest Australian wine on her list, as the category sections were not very clearly defined. However, members of staff were on hand and willing to help answer all of her queries. Three of the store’s six checkouts were open, and as it was quiet she spent no time queuing.

She spotted a variety of tempting deals on her trip around the store, including a two-for-£1.00 deal on own label ambient apple juice, and a special offer on Tetley tea bags.