With the scent of spring nearly in the air, the time to start thinking of the annual spring clean has almost arrived. Household cleaning brands abound on promotional aisles, dominated by laundry brand Bold. Cif follows closely behind with its range of cleaning creams and fluids.
For the most part, the relative position of branded categories remains unchanged.
However, Birds Eye’s extensive portfolio of fish, vegetable and chicken variants has helped to push the category into a favourable position, being available across all five retailers.
For the first time this year Morrisons has succeeded in knocking Sainsbury from the top of the post to be the retailer with the most promotional activity, with a narrow margin of just 1%.
Dry batter mixes, ready-to-eat pancakes and constituent ingredients were prominently displayed in recognition of Shrove Tuesday, mostly under own label banners, while branded Be-Ro flour was seen to be on offer in four of the five retailers.