St Ivel is launching advertising campaigns for two of its yellow fats brands: Utterly Butterly and low fat spread St Ivel Gold. The new campaign for Utterly Butterly builds on the Obsession' theme introduced in earlier TV advertising that uses the strapline: It's the taste that drives you Utterly Butterly'. The new 30 second TV ad features women complaining about their men's obsession with football while at the same day they drool obsessively over melted Utterly Butterly on hot toast. The £1.5m campaign will run for four weeks from January 12 on national TV. An investment of £450,000 is backing a press campaign for St Ivel Gold, relaunched in September last year, aimed at health conscious consumers. Single page ads for the Gold Lowest and Gold Unsalted variants, which will carry the new slogan Keep it simple with St Ivel Gold', will run over the next 18 months in slimming and women's interest magazines. {{P&P }}