St Ivel claims to have introduced a "paler, lighter and creamier taste" to the dairy spreads sector in the form of Utterly Butterly Scandinavian Style spread. The newcomer is backed with £4m ­ part of an £11m spend on the brand this year. Scandinavian Style sports silver packaging but retains the brand's blue swirly logo. Original Utterly Butterly packs have also been revamped. Ads kick off on October 25 on terrestrial and satellite TV and run until early December. They share a Have you gone utterly Scandinavian?' theme and feature an eccentric Scandinavian designer called Arne, and his wife Greta. Arne becomes obsessed with the oval shape of the spread's tub and applies this to other everyday objects. For its first four weeks on shelf, 250g packs carrying a New' flash will be available at 39p, to drive trial and distribution. Rsp: 59p, 250g; 99p, 500g. {{P&P }}