Eat in Colour is urging UK workers to take The Bowl Not Biscuit Challenge.

The fresh produce campaign, which encourages consumers to incorporate a range of different coloured fruit and veg into their diets, has called on employers and their staff to swap their mid-morning biscuits for apples or carrots.

If people also switched their afternoon tea-break snacks, it would create healthier, happier, more energetic workplace, with fewer people off sick, claimed organisers.

Staff at six UK companies, including Ginsters and B&Q, have already pledged to replace chocolate bars with fruit bowls and crudités in support of the campaign.

The companies are being supplied with free fresh fruit during May by Eat in Colour sponsor Fruitful Office. Eat in Colour is also calling on employers to sign up to the Eat in Colour Charter, which outlines steps bosses can take to ensure their employees understand the benefits of healthy eating.