Wine merchant Bacchus-Cavovin is importing a range of French organic speciality oils and vinegars from Huilerie Philippe Vigean.
The oils include a one-litre Cuisine Choice line with trade prices ranging from £4.70 to £7.20; a 250ml gourmet oils range (£2 to £3.90); and a 500ml blended range (£3.20 to £4.30). Oils include sesame, thistle, walnut, hazelnut and pumpkin seed. Bacchus-Cavovin is also offering four organic vinegars - cider, red wine, raspberry and balsamic - with trade prices from £2.10 to £2.40.
Roger Gillett, who owns Bacchus-Cavovin, said the oils had won gold awards at the Paris International Show and would be suitable for independent and fine food retailers.