A start-up business from Surrey is bringing upmarket innovation to the ­supermarket freezer aisles with the launch of a new range of frozen cooking sauces.

The seven-strong Home Cooking Sauces range from Sauce Kitchen are the first frozen cooking sauces on the market, claims the company, which has won listings at Waitrose for two of the range: Ed's Cider, Sage & Apple sauce and Seb's Smoked Bacon & Red Wine sauce (rsp: £3 per box of four individual servings).

The line-up, which also includes Patrick's Irish Stout & Mushroom, Harry's Smooth White Sauce and Libby's Lovely Tomato & Oregano, is free of artificial ingredients and modified starch, which is commonly used as a thickening agent in sauces. Entrepreneur and former caviar importer Patrick Limpus helped found Sauce Kitchen and said Waitrose had welcomed such premium NPD in the frozen category. The retailer will locate the sauces in between ready meals and frozen meats.

"Supermarket freezer departments have lacked savoury innovation for years," said Limpus. "Relative convenience, value for money, individual servings and no waste make for the perfect product in the current climate. Frozen sauces make perfect sense. It's nature's way of preserving food without compromising on taste."

The company, launched earlier this year, is currently in listings discussions with other multiples and independent stores.

The sauces will be distributed by Stratford Fine Foods, which also distributes Ben & Jerry's, Antonio Federici and Wall's impulse ice creams around the UK.