Washington State’s fruit quality is the best seen for several seasons, importers have been told.
George Smith, European promotions director for the Washington Apple Commission, claimed: “Initial pack-outs have revealed that 91% of Washington Reds are in Washington Extra Fancy grade - the state’s highest calibration.”
Extra Fancy is a US standard that denotes the highest quality crop - similar to the Class Extra in Europe.
However, Smith warned that sizes were larger than usual, largely because of this year’s wet weather.
He said: “In the Yakima district as much as 59% are count 88s and larger.
“Harvesting of Washington Pinks and Fujis is still underway, but they are already showing a more even grade-out, with 49% 88s and larger.”
The lower the count number, the larger the apple.
The most popular sizes with consumers in the UK tend to be count 100s and 112s.