The Stella Artois brand is to get a third addition to its off-trade range with the launch of Peeterman Artois next week.

The 4% abv lager, brewed with barley, wheat and coriander, will join Stella Artois and Artois Bock under the La Famille Artois banner.

The beer is expected to appeal to consumers who are primarily premium lager drinkers but who on some occasions, such as mid-week, want a less alcoholic drink.

"On such occasions these drinkers tend to switch out of beer simply because the standard and lower-alcohol lager brands currently available are too bland for their tastes," said Steve McAllister, director of take home, ­multiples, at brand owner InBev UK.

Peeterman Artois will be available to retailers in 440ml cans in four, 12 and 20-packs (£3.59, £8.99 and £13.99, respectively), which is 20% higher than the average cost of a standard abv lager, according to McAllister.

The brand has already been trialled in the on-trade successfully, with some outlets reporting a 4% increase in total lager sales.

"In the on-trade we created awareness through branded glassware and point-of-sale material," said McAllister. "In take-home we will be changing how the beer aisle is merchandised. Our research shows consumers find it confusing so we are developing a fixture within a fixture that will stand out. We are also providing branded banners and floor markings featuring the Artois horn logo to attract shoppers."