Stilton is proving its nature as a blue cheese with the launch of an adult marketing campaign.
The Stilton Cheese Makers Association is looking to turn heads with a sultry and sophisticated new image for the cheese.
The PR campaign for Stilton, described by the association as a true blue British product, was launched this month
The campaign will focus on the cheese’s sensual and seductive qualities and its growing appeal among younger consumers.
More than 150 food writers from national newspapers to women’s consumer magazines have been targeted in the new campaign. Nigel White of the SCMA said: “What we really want to communicate is that Stilton is one of the best and most versatile cheeses in the world.
“We want to move away from the traditional language of cheese which uses terms like mature and vintage and instead create our own language of Stilton which focuses on the creamy, sensual texture and taste of the cheese.”
The campaign has been supported by glossy photography and recipe and usage suggestions.
The initial PR push will also be followed up with other activities which the association said it was currently working on.