Led light

Supply chain specialist Rick Bestwick expects to save £1.3m over five years after spending £600,000 on LED lighting at its cold stores in Scunthorpe and Holmewood.

“LED lighting uses 25% less energy than the previously installed fluorescent strip lighting, which provides us with a number of benefits,” said Rick Bestwick MD Kevin Hancock. “Not only do LEDs give a better quality of light and cost less, they emit less heat, meaning our refrigeration system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain low temperatures in the cold stores.”

The £600,000 was invested in Rick Bestwick by the Magnavale Group.

“This will enable them to operate with a smaller carbon footprint and reduce overheads,” said Andrew Lawrence, director at Magnavale. “While the initial outlay is high, the return will be realised quickly and we’re keen to support our portfolio to make small changes that deliver a larger, longer-term benefit.”