Two new everbearer strawberry varieties described by their marketer as "industrychanging" are to be launched this summer.

Sweet Eve and Eves Delight, which will initially only be sold in premium ranges, will be available from May to October.

The fruit had scored well in taste tests and was high yielding, said breeder Peter Vinson. "As our programme is maturing it is exciting to see significant advances in flavour and quality," he said. "And the germplasm created to breed the new strawberries will lead to more improved varieties."

The varieties will be handled exclusively by soft fruit marketer BerryWorld. Technical director Tim Newton described the development as a significant achievement in producing high-quality, high-yield strawberries.

"These two industry-changing varieties will enable BerryWorld to provide consistent and top-quality strawberries as well as create a longer season from the same plant for the producers," he added.