Russian vodka brand Stolichnaya has introduced what it claims to be the first strawberry flavoured vodka in the UK.

Stolichnaya Strasberi - made from fully ripe summer strawberries soaked in alcohol for five days - is said to capture the “delicate freshness and flavour of summer strawberries without added sweetness.

Fiona Lovatt, marketing manager for Stolichnaya at First Drinks said: "The new flavour is sure to prove very popular as it is a fantastic base for cocktails.

“Stoli is the largest spirit brand in the world and the world's number one vodka. The latest addition allows Stoli to continue to confirm its position as the definitive premium vodka."

The Stolichnaya brand is still at the centre of a trademark tussle between the Russian authorities and Cyprus-based SPI. Moscow recently took control of Stoli production, claiming that the previous 'privatisation' of the company, which gave the brand rights to SPI, was null and void.