A beer flavour rating system based on its own consumer research has been devised by Marks and Spencer. New beer buyer Alison Jordan has revised the range and devised a code which will tell shoppers how strongly flavoured the beers are. They have been rated from one to seven, with one being the lightest flavoured. This will be supported by descriptor boards explaining the range of choice. The research showed shoppers were interested in alcohol content, strength of flavour and country of origin. They distrusted descriptors such as American style or Belgian style and preferred beers brewed in the country of origin. The new range is brewed at source, one each from Germany and France and three from Belgium and the UK. Two of the British beers are unpasteurised products from London's Freedom Brewery. Brewhouse Ale and Lager will be treated as fresh products and kept chilled until they are put on the shelf. They carry a best before date which is one month from bottling. The ale is 4.5% abv with a flavour rating of six, and the lager has 5% abv and a rating of five. Both retail at £1.49 for a 33cl bottle. {{DRINKS }}