A new branded cheese has been launched for consumers who like strong Cheddar.

Tickler is made by The Cheese Company at its Taw Valley creamery in Devon.

"Our research has highlighted a large number of consumers who feel disappointed with many of the branded premium Cheddar cheeses that are available," said managing director Neil Kennedy. "We want to change that."

The Cheese Company, which is owned by dairy farmer co-op Milk Link, focused on developing higher value and quality cheeses for specific ­customer segments, said Kennedy.

The cheese has prompted strong sales through the creamery's own shop, but the company has only just been able to offer it to a wider audience because the cheese has an 18-month maturing process.

Tickler, which is priced at £1.89 for a 200g pack, can be used in cooking, or for toasting and toppings.

Waitrose is already stocking the cheese and it will be available in Morrisons from 26 March.