The latest project from the Bulmers innovation team is a move into 330ml PET. In April it will be test marketing with selected retailers a new 24 pack of these small PET bottles of Strongbow. Brand innovation manager Elwin Gladstone said the bottles had two big advantages: they can't be smashed and they are two thirds the weight of similar glass bottles. "This has a lot of potential in the off-trade in situations where glass has been banned. The reduction in weight also makes it more convenient for the consumer." He said the multilayered PET has a six month shelf life and it looked almost identical to its glass counterparts, even down to the crown closure. However the consumers will not see the bottles on the shelf as the 24 packs are fully enclosed. These will retail at £10.99 on promotion. Bulmers is also bringing out a new 660ml glass bottle for Strongbow which Gladstone promised would be radically different. {{DRINKS }}