Scottish Courage is injecting £87m into marketing its key brands this year in a move that will see Strongbow get its biggest ever support.
A £20m package has been put in place for the top selling cider, which the brewer bought from Bulmers last year.
Strongbow’s strategy is being overhauled with a fresh TV push planned for the summer.
The cider’s link with refreshment, seen in previous campaigns, will be dropped to focus on “product truths” that centre on the drink’s attributes.
Scottish Courage Brands MD Keith Hogg said: “Consumers see cider as a division of beer. The problem with the ‘Refreshment’ campaign is that other drinks can be refreshing. We must focus on something Strongbow specific.” Scottish Courage said
the marketing offensive would be supported by a concerted effort to improve the overall image of the category, starting with reducing the amount of ‘extra free’. Hogg added: “In the past the cider market has always been driven by the suppliers chasing volume rather than led by brands.”
Meanwhile, Foster’s will get a £35m boost this year, which will
include its first major makeover for a decade. Cans and bottles have been redesigned to focus on the beer’s Australian roots with the kangaroo featured on the label promoted to a more prominent position.
New product development has been promised for Kronenbourg, which is getting a £12m package. A further £20m goes to John Smith’s.
Rosie Davenport