Stuffing was the most widely available Christmas product during the festive period, according to ECR UK's latest availability survey.

Paxo's Sage & Onion stuffing was on the shelf in 99.7% of stores surveyed in the run-up to Christmas, just ahead of Ambrosia Devon Custard (99.4%).

Five products were available on 98.8% of occasions: After Eight Mints, Harvey's Bristol Cream, own-label freshly squeezed luxury orange juice, own-label sausage rolls and satsumas.

Last year's clear winner, own-label Christmas puddings, available on 99.4% of occasions, slipped to 10th place, with availability of 97.6%. Overall, availability of key Christmas lines was 92.05% compared with 92.17% a year earlier.

Availability for the final quarter of 2006 was at 96.1%, a small fall compared with 96.5% a year ago. Nine products achieved 100% availability in the fourth quarter: carrots, onions, tomatoes, own-label baked beans, own-label medium free-range eggs, own-label lemonade, wholemeal medium-sliced bread, own-label semi-skimmed milk and Imperial Leather soap.

The most available categories in the last quarter were cigarettes (99.7%), produce (99%), plant bakery (98.2%), dairy (97.7%), meat and fish (97.6%) and frozen (96.1%).